Fellow Democrats, As campaigning have turned ever more digital this past year, we here at the New York State Democratic Party have modernized our digital presence to be a better resource to all Democrats. We Have a New Website! The new website features digital organizing tools, candidate and campaign resources, information on upcoming State Party events, and more on how to get involved! You can check out these resources and the rest of our revamped site at nydems.org – we look forward to hearing your feedback! New York Democrats Merch Store Yes! You read that right – we are also expanding with our very own New York Democrats Merch Store! You can support our future efforts to elect Democrats across the State and also bring home some great gear for you and your family. All proceeds from our Store will go to helping the State Party election efforts in 2021 and beyond. T3 Webinar Training In case you missed it, the State Party has teamed up with the DNC’s Best Practices Institute to launch our Train the Trainer (T3) Webinar Training Program, a free six-week, twelve-part webinar course, covering several aspects of grassroots campaigning. T3 trainings will be held every Tuesday and Thursday from 7 to 8 PM, from March 16 through April 22. The deadline to register is Sunday, March 14th. Jay S. Jacobs Chairman